show girl, civil rights fighter, business woman, spy... Josephine Baker was all of that

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Grant & Bates

12/10/20211 min read

As you may have seen in the news recently, Josephine Baker’s remains have been moved to the Panthéon in Paris. Her name instantly conjures up* the iconic image of a young woman dancing on the stage of the Folies Bergères wearing a skirt of bananas and little else, but there’s much more to her story. Watch this segment from the CBS news magazine Sunday Morning to learn more about her life and the many achievements that earned her the highest honor the French government can bestow*. *to conjure up = to evoke, * to bestow = to give, in the context of an honor or an award

Watch this video, Josephine Baker, Legend to learn more about this amazing woman:

Here is some other vocabulary from the video Quizlet Vocabulary from Josephine Baker, Legend.